International Workshop on Intelligent Exploration of Semantic Data (IESD'2012) at EKAW 2012 2012,Galway City,Ireland. October 9 2012

Program Overview

Beyond paper presentations, the programme will contain a keynote, IESD challenge and an interactive session. Please click on individual sessions for further details.


The presenter(s) of each full paper has 20 minutes to present followed by 5 minutes for Q & A.

The presenter(s) of each short paper has 10 minutes to present followed by 5 minutes for Q & A.

The presenter(s) of each IESD challenge submission has 10 minutes to demonstrate the system followed by 5 minutes for Q & A.

Session: IESD challenge

  • Cirrus Shakeri, Jascha Kanngiesser, Ralf Gueldemeister and Rei Kasai. – Exploration of Semantic Data in Enterprise Applications [pdf]

  • Enrico Franconi, Paolo Guagliardo and Sergio Tessaris – Quelo @ The IESD Challenge 2012 [pdf]

  • Sven Buschbeck, Anthony Jameson, Raphaël Troncy, Houda Khrouf, Osma Suominen and Adrian Spirescu. – A Demonstrator for Parallel Faceted Browsing[pdf]

Session: Keynote

Speaker: Anthony Jameson

Title: How Can We Support Multifocal Exploration of Semantic Data?

Abstract: Interaction designs for the exploration of semantic data (and, more generally of other types of content on the web) tend to presuppose that users (as is normally necessary in the physical world) will be pursuing one line of exploration at a time, backtracking or restarting when they want to switch to a different line of exploration. This talk will address the following questions:

  1. What types of task exist where users can benefit from being able to explore along multiple lines in parallel, as in computational search strategies like best-first search and beam search?
  2. Why is multifocal exploration generally difficult with current systems?
  3. What new interaction designs can better support multifocal exploration?
  4. How can these forms of interaction be enhanced with intelligent techniques (e.g., for summarization or recommendation)?

I will present concrete instantiations of some of these ideas from ongoing work in the projects GLOCAL and EventMAP.

Paper Session 1

  • Fan Yang-Turner and Lydia Lau – Human Factors in Forum Exploration: A Sensemaking Perspective [full paper] [pdf]

  • Kouji Kozaki, Osamu Saito and Riichiro Mizoguchi – A Consensus-Building Support System based on Ontology Exploration [full paper] [pdf] [slides]

  • Sakirulai Isiaq and Taha Osman –Multi-phase Reasoning Model for Temporal Semantic Knowledgebase [short paper] [pdf] [slides]

Paper Session 2

  • Suvodeep Mazumdar, Fabio Ciravegna, Anna Lisa Gentile and Vitaveska Lanfranchi – Visualising Context and Hierarchy in Social Media [full paper] [pdf] [slides]

  • Dhavalkumar Thakker, Vania Dimitrova and Gaye Ediboğlu – Cultural Prompts in a Semantic Data Browser [full paper] [pdf] [slides]

  • Johannes Hellrich and Udo Hahn –Visualizing Semantic Metadata from Biological Publications [short paper] [pdf]

  • Ilaria Corda, Vania Dimitrova and Brandon Bennett –>Ontological Approach to Unveiling Connections between Historical Events [full paper] [pdf]

Paper Session 3

  • Owen Sacco, George Thomas and John Breslin – HADA - An Access Controlled Application for Publishing and Discovering Linked Government Data [full paper] [pdf] [slides]