IESD Challenge 2013

International Workshop at Hypertext 2013,Paris,France. May 1 2013

Many congratulations to the team from University of Lleida for winning this year's IESD challenge kindly funded by the Dicode project . They presented work on "Rhizomer: Overview, Facets and Pivoting for Semantic Data Exploration".

Application submissions are now invited for IESD Challenge 2013. The IESD Challenge aims to attract participations from the Semantic Web community particularly focusing on semantic data exploration. The Challenge is open to everyone from industry and academia.

The authors of the best application will be awarded a prize. Authors of research papers and demo papers are all encouraged to submit their applications to the IESD Challenge 2013.

Challenge Application Entry Requirements

We invite applications particularly focusing on semantic data exploration. The application should meet minimal requirements listed below:

  • The application provides an end-user interface, i.e. either to general Web users or to domain users.
  • The application is implemented using Semantic Web technologies (such as RDF, linked open data and other Semantic related technologies).
  • The application should support semantic data exploration by addressing the three key themes of IESD workshop: Human factors, computational models and application domains.

Entries at the IESD challenge 2012 gives indication of type of entries accepted at the IESD challenges.

How to Participate

Prepare a description of your application (max. 4 pages,ACM SIG proceedings format) by providing following mandatory information:

  • Abstract: no more than 200 words.
  • A short description with following details about the application:
    • What is the key novelty of the system?
    • Who are the likely users?
    • URL/Demo video of the system?
    • How does the application address the key themes of the workshop: human factors, computational models and application domains?
    • Architecture/key components of the system

Please submit your contributions electronically in PDF format at

In the easychair, when asked for category, please select "IESD Challenge".

Evaluation Criteria

The submitted application will be evaluated on how well it addresses the three key themes of IESD Workshop 2013 to help users explore semantic data with following features:

  • Computational models:
    • Novel contributions to methods and techniques for semantic data exploration
    • Scalable system architecture (in terms of the amount of data used and performance of the system components)
  • Domain and applications:
    • Meet the needs of the problem domain
    • Uptake and adaptability of the system on other domains
  • Human factors:
    • Support people dealing with information overload
    • Support people understanding complex/large-scale data through exploration
    • Support learning/knowledge-discovery through exploration
    • Support personalization/adaptation

Judging and Prizes

A jury consisting of experts from three workshop themes will be appointed to evaluate the best systems before the workshop. The jury will take into consideration of the descriptions submitted, the online demos, the presentation of the application at the workshop and the evaluation criteria specified above.

During the workshop, attendees are encouraged to provide feedbacks to the jury after the presentation. The winner will be announced at the end of the workshop.

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: March 1, 2013
  • Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: March 22, 2013
  • Notification of Winner of the challenge: During the workshop
  • Workshop day: May 1, 2013

Chair and primary contact for IESD challenge 2013: Dr Fan Yang-Turner, University of Leeds, UK


Please mention "IESD challenge 2013" in the subject line when contacting about IESD 2013 challenge related matter.